The Free Disguised App Designed to Keep Your Porn Hidden…

PornLockr presents the first Disguised APP that gives you three choices (clock, calculator, or compass) to securely hide your favorite porn sites on your mobile device. Just download the app, set a PIN and anonymously view all the sexiest sites on the net in one place, all while keeping your browsing history clean.

Secret – Safe – Discreet ;)

All the Best Porn Sites in 1 App

PornLockr is your one stop for all the current greatest and most popular porn sites on the net all wrapped up in one awesome app. We only list the best sites and keep our collection up to-date. We will never list sites that spread malware or sites that we think may be unsafe for our visitors.

  • All sites listed in PornLockr have been reviewed and ranked for overall quality/trust.

Transform Your Mobile Device Into a Personal Vibrator

Why risk getting caught toting around a vibrator when you can easily just use your mobile device instead! PornLockr allows you to use your mobile as an awesome vibrator, so If you start to feel a bit hot while browsing the videos, just click the vibrate icon and feel the good vibes ;)

Hide Your Porn Behind a Pin Code

Create a PIN Code to lock up your porn activity.


  • The app is Removed from recent app list – PornLockr will not appear in ‘recent apps’ list.
  • Lock on sleep – If you forgot to exit PornLockr the app will lockout as soon as your phone goes to sleep mode.